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From: Gary Pinto
Subject: Part 1" Gordie, our Slutboy"GORDIE, OUR SLUTBOY"
By Max the Cat
Comments and Suggestions to gmony6gmail.comPart 1: Showing off and putting out! Clarence Tarnow sat behind his computer screen, his web cam
recording the eleven year old stroking his boi-cock. The little blond, blue
eyed hottie lay there in front of the man. His slim fingers grasping his
red capped boi-cock pushing the hot flesh up and down as Clarence
instructed him best pthc videos on the finer arts of pleasuring himself. "Ooohhh it's so
good, I can feel it building up Clarence, I'm going to cum real soon!"
"That's pthc young latina it Gordie your making it look so good, I wish I was there
to do it for you Gordie, I would suck it photoplenka pthc for pthc sex clips
you Gordie, I would swallow
all your hot honey, keep stroking" Clarence said in a low monotone." The
nut sac was drawn up against his slim body, and his butt moved in what
seemed, slow circles.
Gordie could feel the sperm begin cp 14 year pthc
to move up to the throbbing
corona, his red helmet was enlarged and hussyfan keywords pthc it tingled. Clarence was breathing
hard now; he knew that he would see the young boys cum shoot out the top
soon. "Oooohhhh here it comes Clarence, I'm cuming.
The slit opened wide and white gooey boi-honey shot out and up.
It returned and landed on Gordie's white body. The first splat hit his
right brown nipple, the second the middle of his chest and the third just
above his belly button. "Clarence it feels so wonderful, I love the
feeling" the boy moaned. "I wish I could have tasted it, I bet it tasted
good, taste it for me?"
The boy dipped two fingers into the white goop and placed it on
his tongue; his lips cleaned it off and deposited it on his tongue. "It's
good Clarence, it's very good!" The boy moaned to the man watching him. "Do
you taste as good Clarence, I want to taste you soon..."
Gordie had started by surfing the net and finding B.T.W.'s Channel
6969. He slowly looked at the sex action between men and the young boys on
the site. There was a quiz and he took it: his age/hair and eye color/any
sexual experience and did he get turned on by man/boy sexual action. He
answered yes to the last question and was soon he was in a chat room and he
met Clarence. The young boy was on his way.
Clarence took it slowly. He built up the boy and his beauty and
soon Gordie was taking off pieces of his clothing and showing the man his
beautiful body. Clarence also displayed his and his hard purple headed
cock. Gordie stared at it for quite some time and asked for the man to show
all sides of the hard penis. Clarence notice Gordie licking his lips and
readjusting his boi-cock, he held it tight.
Clarence kept trying to set up a meeting, but the boy was somewhat
scared and didn't want to be kidnapped or sold to the highest bidder.
Clarence tried to convince the boy vids cp pthc foros blog videos pthc
that he would in no way hurt the boy; he
only wanted to make him happy. He described to Gordie how he would make his
body feel wonderful, still Gordie put him off.
Clarence finally convinced him to meet him at a burger joint for
lunch "you can split if you feel at all threatened, I don't want to hurt
you Gordie, I will make free underage pthc gallery
you feel good and maybe you can do the same for
me?" The man told how he would lick him from top to bottom, how he would
suck the boy until he was almost out his mind with lust. Gordie after two
months said "yes!"
It was Thursday morning when Gordie walked into the Burger Shack
and spied Clarence sitting in the back. He slowly walked up and sat down
next to the older man. "I wasn't sure you'd be here Gordie?" Clarence told
him in a low voice. "I wasn't really sure I could get enough courage to
meet you here, I walked by twice, but lesbian teen pthc I'm here." Gordie gave Clarence a
weak smile.
"You want something?" Clarence asked the nervous boy. "Just a soda"
he answered. Clarence got secret pthc sites
him a soda and sat down next to the boy. The man
slid a hand over the boy's crotch and felt the boy's hardness. Gordie
stiffened as Clarence squeezed the hard boi-cock. "Good you're excited and
took the boys hand and placed it on his crotch, Gordie squeezed and found
hardness, and he smiled up at the man.
They sat there for ten minutes and Clarence said "lets get out of
here Gordie, we'll go to my place and we won't be disturbed. The left and
got into Clarence's 1957 Thunderbird. "Is this yours?" Gordie tgp angels pthc bbs
asked as he
got into the red car. "You bet sweetie, meaning of pthc all mine, it belonged to an uncle
who willed it to me after he died." Gordie smiled and said "kewl."
The drove through the deeply wooded end of town and drove up to the
man's big log cabin, Gordie was in awe of the home. "This is so kewl
Clarence, a real log cabin, you must be rich?" Clarence grinned "not rich,
but I'm comfortable, my parents left me a good deal of money and I work for
B.T.W. part-time, that's how I met you when you surfed the site." Gordie
and Clarence walked into the cabin and the boys jaw dropped.
The place was huge. A 70" LED on the wall of the game room, a very
large deck and hot tub. "Gee Clarence you have a hot tub, wow!"
"Have you
ever been in one Gordie?"
"Gee no!"
The older man said "then let's get in" and began to strip in front
of Gordie, his big purple headed cock sprung forth and pointed at
Gordie. "It's big, very big."
A naked Clarence helped Gordie take off his clothing, the man's
hard cock rubbed across the boy's cheek and his boi-cock sprung forth in
excitement. Clarence took hold of Gordie's hand and placed it on his
cock. Slim fingers grasped the hard meat. He jacked it a few times and
produced a bead of precum. "What's that Gordie asked?"
"It's called precum, it a human produced lube."
Not really understanding he just nodded. They went to the hot tub,
Clarence picked up Gordie and slipped him into the bubbling warm water and
to in himself and sat along side of Gordie who still had his hand around
the cock, for some reason he didn't let go, he liked the feel of the hard
flesh in his hand.
Clarence stood up in front of Gordie; another bead of precum
appeared "lick it off Gordie." The boy looked up and his tongue snaked out
and cleaned off the pearly bead. There wasn't much of a taste, but his
tongue flicked out again and ran over the flared helmet. He was more than
excited and he wrapped his red lips around the corona and sucked in the
Clarence placed a hand behind Gordie's blond head and applied some
force and pushed the boys head onto the hard cock. Gordie found half of small pthc girls the
cock in his mouth and he was sucking the cock as though he had sucked a
hundred before instead of this being his first. "That feels so good Gordie,
you learn very fast, his video upload pthc hips rocking back and pthc lesbians mpeg forth, in and out. Gordie's
saliva began to leak down his chin as he sucked the fleshy invader. pthc darkmania He
really liked the feel of the hard flesh in his mouth, sucking cock was good
and the leaking taste was good!
Clarence pulled his cock out and laid Gordie on his back. He ran his
tongue from the boi-pussy over the nut sac and up the underside of his
throbbing boi-cock. Clarence sucked in the hard piece of boi-flesh and his
wet mouth encased the cock and ball sac, Gordie moaned and bucked forward,
the man's tongue was licking his hole, it was more than wonderful.
Clarence took hold of the boi-cock and dug in Gordie's asshole, he
licked around and sucked it sensitive flesh. "Oooohhhh Clarence this feels
so good, I'm glad illegal porn pthc I came to you, please don't stop". Clarence didn't, he
sucked the boy balls, up the underside to the boi-cock he used the raspy
top of his tongue and he inserted his middle finger pthc young latina into the boy slowly and
found the boys sensitive spot.
Now Clarence slipped in a second finger and finger fucked the
responsive boy. Gordie pushed back each time he pushed his two fingers in
and out. His boi-cock was tingling and throbbing. This was all so new, so
exciting, he never wanted it to end. Clarence continued to suck the
A third finger found its way into the boy and he widened the
entrance, he wanted to ram his cock in, he wanted it as easy an entrance,
and wanted Gordie to pthc ceramic hearer
want more. He let the cock slip out of his mouth and
licked up the chest, the nipples and found an ear, he tongued the ear and
whispered "I'm going to fuck you now Gordie, my cock is so ready!"
Clarence slipped in between the thin boi-legs and splayed to give
Clarence all the access he needed. "Please fuck me Clarence I want your
cock so much, fuck me now!" Clarence held his cock and placed it at the
tight hole; he had hoped he had widened it enough. He pushed, but the hole
said no!
Clarence held the cock straight at the hole and pushed secret pthc sites
harder. At
first the ring resisted, the corona popped in, the ring tightened around
the fleshy tube. He caught his breath and then placed his lips on the boys
red puffy lips and his tongue played with the boys red tongue. He pushed
harder and the length of cock slipped into the hilt, his balls slapped the
boys bubble butt, he was in all the way!
Gordie locked his ankles around the man's midsection. Clarence felt
the tightness that milked his cock. As he moved in and out the boi-pussy
sucked his cock, this was a wonderful feeling. He kissed the boy and his
cock plunged in to the depths of the boy's colon. "Gordie you're a great
fuck, so many men will want some of your wonderful boi-pussy. Gordie secret pthc sites fucked
The cock stretched him and found places that sent funny feelings to
the tip of his throbbing boi-cock. "I can't believe I hadn't been fucked
before, this is so good, and I do love your cock in me Clarence are you
going to cum in me too?" Clarence whispered "yes" in his ear foros blog videos pthc
and plunged in
harder and a bit deeper.
His stomach rubbed Gordie's boi-cock and bbs pthc nov 10 he could feel cum boiling
in his young insides. Clarence could feel his sperm begin to make its way
out of his body too! He fucked harder; the animal lust was in-charge of the
both. The boi-cock was first to pop out and cover both their bodies, then
Clarence stiffened up, his cock swelled and the piss slit opened wide and
Gordie felt the blast hit his insides. "Oooohhhh god I can feel it in me."
Gordie's colon filled quickly, hot cum covered the insides and drip
out of his boi-cunt; he kept bucking, trying to keep the wonderful feeling
for as long as he could. He kept his heels locked and the cock inside even
though there was no more sperm.
Clarence finally broke away and fell on his back, his cock was
deflating and Gordie propped up on and elbow and took hold of the penis and
planted a wet kiss free pthc 4yo pics
on the head. "Clarence I love your cock, I glad it was
the first to fuck me, I love cock more than anything and planted another
kiss on the head.
The door bell rang and Clarence told Gordie to stay there. He got
up and answered the door "Well I'll be damned" he said "Earl!" The man
pushed his way in and saw Gordie standing on the deck, gobs of white sperm
in rivets roll down the inside of his thin legs, and pool there!
Earl looked at the naked Clarence "where pthc 5
did you bbs pthc asian get that beautiful
thing, he looks so sweet with your cum ranchi kteam pthc rolling down his legs. He then
walked up to the naked boy "Hi sweetie I'm Earl, Clarence's cousin, you
look hot, I would love some of you!" Gordie gave the man a free underage pthc gallery
big smile!Part 2; He's so responsive!Thanks to Cutterman he had a new story on Nifty, in the Adult/youth section
called "BOGRAD', check it out! To the artists they give me the inspiration!Look for Part 5 of "Kevin torrent downloads pthc Breaks Away" and Part 4 of "Little Buckaroo!"
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